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Bettina and Adams Wedding

Bettina & Adams Wedding

Hi everyone, here are the photos I took at the wedding.  Click above and enter the password to view.

Please remember that these ARE NOT the official photos. Karl van Beek will be providing them to to Adam and Betti direct.

You can view these as a slide show by clicking on the arrow top right of the photos.

You can download the Hi Res images by clicking on the arrow when you hover over the image, you can also download the whole collection if you wish. There is no charge :-)

If you want a printed copy, canvas, or framed print hover over the image and select the shopping cart for options, products and descriptions. And no I'm doing this to make money it just happens to be the easiest way to share them. The shopping cart is added automatically.

I have made them as cheap as the system allows me. They are shipped direct from the printer to you.